Thursday, July 2, 2009

jeff hardy------------------------------

lionael messii



mi favorite movie this is a fake chucky

fuck u

where are the greens nigers

dont kill me please

albert mi cousin

mi best friend thts a boy navall


<---- melly

baseball field-->

elisa the most quiet

^ girl

joyce mi fave classmate

shes mi best frnd she has to be big-->

brian p. u kno hes good

other other other best friend_----------------------------------->>>>

shes mi gf she has to be bigger -------------->>>>

other other best friend------------------------------------------------>>>>>

other best friend--------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>

best friend--------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>

best cousin----------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>

favorite band--------------------------------------------------->>>>>>

my other favorite singer----------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>

o yeah kayla pak is my basball feild (however u spell it)

i love u kayla humes
i love u soph

hello there my name is emil and this blog is about (akward i really dont know waht its about) this is embarassing well ummm.. ummmmmmm ummmm..... its about anything you want it to be

it is also dedicated to my friends

  • kayla humes

  • sophia allyn

  • cameron goudarznia

  • melly masfar

  • naval monga

  • beth kopp hilight to reveal my best friend

  • selin bolayir

oooo ooo iknow what its aboutnow its about music, movies, shoes and friends
240 246 7311 240 654 4087 call when im online thank u enjoy

my bestest friends

  • sophia a.

  • kayla humes

  • naval monga

  • cameron goudarznia

  • my best friends tht are boys

  • naval

  • cameron

my bestest friends tht are girls

  • beth

  • sophia

  • kayla

  • selin

  • melly

my name is emil (yeah) backwards is lime (yeah) when the girls see me they think im fine

240 246 7311 call now

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